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We source and represent talent in every city around the world.

New Yok - Hong kong - San Francisco - Los Angeles - Las Vegas - Dubai - Sydney - Tokyo - Bejing - Mexico...





We partner with event planners on delivering amazing talent for the most demanding clients around the world.


Aquartist is the only company where you go to address all you water entertainment under one roof!


We look forward to working with you.



Synchronized swimming


Stephan Miermont's creativity and unique design has made him the most in-demand choreographer in the world. Focused on performance and excellence he continues to win the attention of the top judges and coaches from around the world.

Water ballet

We deliver a repertoire that consist of the most advanced Atmosphere work, to the classic Esther Williams performances of the 1950s, to the famous Cirque du soleil . Our focused is to deliver a high level of performance based on your desires.

Underwater show

Known for being the one and only company specializing in Aquarium performances. We have performed in Marine life aquarium with more than 5000 species. All of the performers have the highest level of scuba training.


Famous for bringing to any event, the most beautiful and stunning Mermaids. Aquartist's mermaids will provide the best entertainment to any venue. Know for even swimming with sharks, these mermaids will bring drama and flair to any event that will have people talking for years !

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